When you have houses involved, there are all sorts of things that you end up needing. Good handymen, HVAC people, heating specialists, plumbers, electricians, septic services and more. Here are a few associates that we have out there!

  1. Andy’s Plumbing and Heating Whole house plumbers in the Philly area!
  2. Barry Fisher Electric – All your electrical needs in the greater Philadelphia area.
  3. Manny’s Septic Services – Get that septic tank cleaned out now – before problems ensue!
  4. Specialized Refinishing – Bath and Kitchen Refinishing including bathtubs, showers, countertops & more
  5. Corner Landscaping and Tree – Get the yeard in shape and get those trees trimmed with Corner
  6. Log Homes in NC – Get the Log Home of your dreams with the Experts in NC.

We personally try to stick with our contractors with any of our housing needs. Putting the last few finishes on a new home or getting the lawn in perfect shape. And then those annoying problems like light outlets not working properly. If you don’t already have your OWN shortlist of contractors for all your household needs, we suggest you start one. If you like our suggestions, please tell them where you found them. If you DON’T then get your own togethere now. It’s a whole lot easier to find these things when you’re NOT in panic mode!